Recently, an idea hit me that scrap host can be used to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage) to backup important materials and prevent data loss when my senior's computer broke down on the way to graduation. Hence, I spent a night studying deployment on Monday. This article is related to the details of the record.

Need to be prepared

  1. the scrap host × 1

    CPU: i3-2130 3.4GHz double cores

    RAM: 6GB 1333MHZ

    Disk: WD 500GB × 2 ( Raid 1 )

  2. USB 16G Kingston × 1 (In fact, more than 30MB is enough to use)

Deployment process

Related Download :

Share Link: Password:gVTN1

  1. Burn boot image to USB

    Burn the boot image 'DS3615_6.2-23739_1.03b.img' to USB via software 'Win32DiskImager'

  2. Boot system

    Plug in the USB, enter the BIOS and set the USB priority to boot. ( If you has installed the OS, the USB is needed to boot system once the NAS reboot. )

  3. Install Synology OS

    Utilize the software 'Synology Assistant' to search the host on another computer.

    Click the button 'Online' to access the installing web page.

    Select the image 'DS3615_6.2-23739.pat' to install Synology OS.

  4. Install Cloud station server

    In the 'Package Center', you can install all kinds of packages if this device can access the Internet. You can also install packages by 'Manual installation', which requires you to download the package from Synology. And the software 'Synology Cloud Station Backup' is also needed for Cloud station.

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