Primarily, it is suggested that the Intel Parallel Studio has been installed on Unix/Linux, there is a tutorial can show you how to configure this software on Linux. Besides, This compiler is not a free software but you can apply for a year's license to use as a student if you have a suffix edu email. Refer to my blog article:

By the virtue of some useful text editors such as Vim, Nano, and Emacs, we can write and edit our Fortran file easily on Unix\Linux. Here I will take this file example.f90 to show:

! Free Format
program main
write(*,*) "hello"
write(*,*) &
&te(*,*) "Hello"

Once the program is finished, it can also been compiled and run easily on this system platform.

ifort example.f90

An executable file 'a.out' will be produced under the working directory. Its name can been set by adding suffix '-o Name'.

ifort example.f90 -o Hello

It is the moment to run this executable file, we can input this command:

./a.out  or  ./Hello

If we need to run a programe in parallel environment, this command can be tried.

mpirun -np 56 ./Hello   # 56 is my workstation's cores, please change it.
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