Synology OS is a perfect NAS OS to synchronize the vital data such as experimental data, thesis and others. But it is a commercial software and needed to pay for. Moreover, the piratic operating system is pretty unstable to use, and I have encountered many software flashbacks on our scrapped host. So I decide to find a opensource software to replace Synology, and openmediavault is a wonderful choice for us.

First of all, you need download the ISO and burn it into a USB drive using Ultraiso or dd linux utility:

$ sudo dd if=xxx.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4096 

A simple tutorial can be finished to install this OS:

When installization has been finished , you should open FTP service and set the sharing folders. In the meantime, the software FreeFileSync can be downloaded from:

FreeFileSync and RealTimeSync can be learned to use in this page:

You can record a script to backup automatically:

Additionally, Synchronization Settings is very importent for users, Update is commended to use and versioning should be set, in this case, our files can't be deleted accidently and we can find these files' different versions.

Last modified: 2020年3月30日


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