We have a server which has a function named "IPMI", and it can be utilized to boot up server remotely. It is convenient for me to manage this machine when I stay anywhere in our college. The model of the mainboard is Supermicro X11DAi-N. This mainboard has a network port supporting IPMI function, and you should discern which port has the function among two network ports. I found this signal port support IPMI such as picture below:

Now, it's time to check out the IP address of IPMI. This IP is different from the network interface card, so you should find it in BIOS before you start to operate this function.

"BIOS"-"IPMI"-"BMC Network Configuration"

"Station IP address" is the address you must recite and we will access IPMI page via it.

Access the IPMI page by typing IP into the address bar of browser (Chrome), and you will see this:

The default username and password are ADMIN. You can power on or off the server at the region "Power Control".The password can be changed in "Configuration" -"Users".

Last modified: 2020年3月30日


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