As a Chinese, I can't tolerate secession. Some people have never lived in mainland China for a day, but they think they know much about us. It is a very ridiculous thing. We don't judge others, because we know our precious time shouldn't be consumed in these tiresome. I must admit "notepad++" is an excellent software but ,meantime,there are some other wonderful tools we can choose, e.g. Visual Studio Code.

Add auxiliary lines to assist your programming in Fortran fixed format

Access "Setting" page:


Search "Settings.json" and edit it.


Append these information and save it.

    "editor.rulers": [6,73]

Then you will find two guidelines in the programming window.

Print Code in VSCode

Search Extension "PrintCode" and install it. When you wanna print code, please press the shortcut key "F1" and input "PrintCode". Then, there will be a page in website to help you print your code.

Add spaces in multi-line

Select lines you want to add spaces and tap the space bar in your keyboard to finish work.

'Alt'+'Shift'+'mouse Left'
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