Basic format


Decide the document layout and basic font size.And there are other document layouts such as book, report, letter and so on.


Using macro packages, CJK means to consider spaces in Chinese, CJK* means not considering spaces in Chinese but consider the spaces in English.The area between \documentclass and \begin is the introductory area for placing global control commands.


\begin and \end form an environment, and there is only one document environment in a document.


GBK indicates the type of character set used, and song indicates the type of font used, such as kai, fs, hei, li, you and other fonts.

Here is the space to write the text.



Special character input  Space:

\space or ~

Quotation marks:

‘ --->    ’---> ' *左撇单引号    “ ---> `    ”--->'' *双左撇单引号

Line break:

\\[] or \\*[] or \newline  % Forced line break

\linebreak[n]  % n=0,1,2,3,4 Suggested line break

\-  % Word suggesting a new line


\par  or Two consecutive Enter

Automatic paging:

\newpage  % Forced paging

\pagebreak[n]  % Suggested paging



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