These days, our senior sister apprentice having graduated half year ago want to calculate some things on our workstation in Beijing from Shaanxi province, but we also want to use it via campus network. To avoid the interrupt of campus network which needs an account to sign in at any moment, a new network adapter with 4G LTE is added on our workstation and we need to configure a mode that can switch network between intranet and extranet anytime.

There is a need to modify this value named METRIC (跃点数) lower than intranet adapter to ensure extranet can be connected firstly. This command can be used to check this value in powershell:

route print


IPv4 路由表
网络目标          网络掩码       网关           接口              跃点数      192.168.X.X    192.168.X.X      2      X.X.X.X        X.X.X.X          12

A lower value "2" tabulated can be found and this network have a higher priority level than second in this table. So this adapter is used to connect extranet firstly. If you want to switch to second adapter, you can change it by this way:

Open attribute of the network adapter, and configure the advanced setting in the internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Please tick off the auto metric and write the value you want to fill in. The value of extranet must be lower than intranet.

Last modified: 2023年7月28日


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